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Thanks for the positive reply. I was afraid I was making more enemies, quickly, and I really don't have any intention of that. I've learned a couple lessons. Such as, never publicize an inside-joke, or at least make one of the words link to the context. And try to keep the english as clear as possible, because people read quickly and often it makes more sense to assume negativity than to analyze otherwise. And of course, try to remain positive in general.

Your original code change was ok, in the sense that the obfuscation is very basic and unoriginal. There were a number of little things I could have used to hide the code a bit better, but most of them are futile and often come across as cheap tricks. I did refer to it as "humble" in the original post, at least. As for your reshaping, nothing wrong with that. I modelled mine fairly well after the knights of my chess set.