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Do you know what type of server your script is running on?

The "can't cd to" message seems to indicate that your script is running as a user that doesn't have the proper permissions to either run the script or more probably browse the directory structure the modules are is...

You might want to move the code that creates the CGI object and prints the headers and start of the table before you're scanning for-loop. That way you'll at least know if *any* part of your script is running.

Update: In fact, the error you're describing seems to be generated by File::Find. which is used by ExtUtils::Installed to traverse the module directories. So it indeed seems that your script is running, but the webserver-user (as which your script runs) doesn't have permissions to traverse the directories where perl modules are stored on your system.

Actually, if the error doesn't specify what directory it can't search that's probably because it doesn't even know where to search. This information is obtained by ExtUtils::Installed from the module Config. So you may want to check if your webuser can properly access Config.