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I would like to just say that the flames were obviously from people who KNOW perl and therefore think that this is a low level tutorial... you already KNOW this stuff so shuttup. Conversely, the kudos were from the people who benefited namely people who have taught themselves or people who needed this tutorial. The flames were ridiculous and nonsensical. I appreciated this look on the language. People need to start somewhere and this was very helpful. A starter tutorial has nothing to do with stupid people nor teletubbies. This tutorial helps people just getting started with perl and is (i assume) not intended for experienced people, therefore it helps alot. Hello World is a start almost every beginners book looks at. You did very well and I'd like to say you were more clear than "Perl for Dummies" which I started with because I needed the clarity that came with basic tutorials. all in all, good job, old fellow. carry on. -Stephanie