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That doesn't seem to work at all as I have made a test file that has different dates in it and I still only get one or the other when testing to see if the $sum{'first'} or $sum{'second'} have content. Let me try to exaplain the problem again.

OK so the data file has data that can be either from today or tomorrow in it. Data reads top down line for line, so lines 0-10 would be for today and then let's say lines 11-21 are for tomorrow. Now we want to take all the lines that belong to today and sum them up and insert the date (today's date from the UNIX time stamp in the file) and sum into our DB then insert the same for tomorrow. The time stamp fields represent a "RUN" period for the given line, meaning the time the query started and the time it stoped. We want to look at the stop time and convert the UNIX time stamp to scalar context so we have a human readible date. Now that we have that we want to take all Jun 22 data sum it all together and insert it into the DB and if we see Jun 23 we do the same and insert that data in a new row. Does this make sense?