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The slew of "older" posts to the Nodes to Consider is my doing. I am in the process of going through the musty halls of the Perl Monks Discussion section and giving it a thorough cleaning. The majority of the ones I moved to consider are ones that should not be in the discussion area but somewhere else, usually SOPW. Some even have replies by vroom stating that they should be moved to SOPW. My main goal is to move everything that does not belong in Discussion to the proper place, so that anyone combing through the archives will only find relevant posts.

I realize that it seems like a lot of considered posts, but realize that I have already gone through over 800 posts (and their threads) and over a year of material. So, not too bad relatively. For the record, I am done now, and it will be a while before I move on to any other section, as I have more (non-considering) work to do in the Discussion wing of the monastery first.

Some of the older ones I also considered because they were trollish, ill-written, or had a bad reputation. If the consideration feature had existed when they were written, I am sure they would have been considered at that time. The age of the node should not matter, IMO, as many of the navigational methods of the monastery (e.g. searching) are non-chronographical.

Finally, remember that even a reaping by Scary Monk does not remove a post from the site, but merely places it one click further away from its previous position.