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I completely agree, I am also surprised at the number of old posts that are being added to the Nodes To Consider list.

I must say that in most cases I vote to keep them. Removing old posts, besides being quite useless, after all who reads them?, is also an attack on freedom of speech. To me it is akin to revisionism. These post have existed, they were read and were part of the Monastery. Trying to deny they ever existed. by deleting them is childish and short-sighted.

For example having Parallels Between Perlmonks.ORG and Religious Cults (Retirement Announcement) in this list is plain dumb. What, this post was never written? I don't think so! As much as I like to make fun of its author he had, and actually still has, a role in the dynamics of this site which can't just be discarded.</p.

A node should be sent to the Nodes To Consider only if it is a duplicate post, an obvious troll or so OT it is not even funny (job posts for example) or of course a post in the wrong section. I am not even sure post including improper language should be removed.

So easy on the consider checkbox, it's easy to use (maybe to easy actually), but it should be used only in extreme cases.