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Since it doesn't seem that this feature is really ever going to make it into production (for a variety of reasons), I recommend the following alternative:

Write a script that:

  1. Uses the user nodes info xml generator ticker to fetch and store a list of all your nodes, and periodically updates the list (maybe a few times a day, for example)
  2. Queries xml node thread or newest nodes xml generator to check to see if there are any new nodes in the threads in which you're participating.
  3. Via send chatter send yourself a /msg notifying you of the activity in the threads in which you're participating.

Then, post your script here in the Cool Uses section, or maybe the Code section, and rake in a few well-earned XP. Post a link to it in this thread too.

It would be a fun exercise, and you would learn a lot about the Monastery's XML tickers. Parse the various tickers with XML::Twig's "simple" interface.