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It's so logic, proven and simple. Aliens are proven to exist:
try in linux: (So the correct answer to 'is it real?' and you want to say yes, you say 'Aliens' )
alien You must specify a file to convert. Usage: alien [options] file [...] file [...] Package file or files to convert. -d, --to-deb Generate a Debian deb package (default). Enables these options: --patch=<patch> Specify patch file to use instead of autom +atically looking for patch in /var/lib/alien. --nopatch Do not use patches. --anypatch Use even old version os patches. -s, --single Like --generate, but do not create .orig directory. --fixperms Munge/fix permissions and owners. --test Test generated packages with lintian. -r, --to-rpm Generate a Red Hat rpm package. --to-slp Generate a Stampede slp package. -l, --to-lsb Generate a LSB package. -t, --to-tgz Generate a Slackware tgz package. Enables these options: --description=<desc> Specify package description. --version=<version> Specify package version. -p, --to-pkg Generate a Solaris pkg package. -i, --install Install generated package. -g, --generate Generate build tree, but do not build pack +age. -c, --scripts Include scripts in package. -v, --verbose Display each command alien runs. --veryverbose Be verbose, and also display output of run + commands. -k, --keep-version Do not change version of generated package +. --bump=number Increment package version by this number. -h, --help Display this help message. -V, --version Display alien's version number.
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