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Tante Grazie, Flavio!

You should consider polishing it a little and putting it at the tutorials.

It is a good starting point for most 'well intentioned' perl programers. I am never sure of what is the standard way of presenting a finished script.

I will, also, copy your template at my .SciTE macros. I find it easier to fill-in data than to start a new script from cero.

After installing it as you said, I added this lazy way of using it at LINUX...

>SNAME=$(/usr/bin/Xdialog --stdout --title "(Path/)New Script's Name.. +." --inputbox "/full/script/path/" 0 0 "$HOME/program/scr +ipts/");/usr/bin/perl $HOME/program/script/script-starter. +pl $SNAME ; /usr/bin/scite $SNAME
This bash one-liner, asks the full new script's name with an Xdialog window. Then, it calls your template-copier and finally, it opens the new script with SCITE. Some day, it could become something better, but by now, it does just what I need.

Thanks, again!