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I want to be able to develop a perl (web) script containing both CPAN and personal modules on a development machine the upload the entire *package* to a shared hosting environment.

Often times I can't get various required modules built/installed on my host. (Generally using or building from source in my own lib directory) Most things I try to build die for some reason or another. This is probably my real problem, however after tinkering with Ruby on Rails I came across a sweet little feature called 'rake freeze_gems'. What this does is 'freeze' your gems (modules) by copying them into a .vendor directory, thus allowing you to upload the entire working app to a shared host.

Is there a Perl equivalent? Something that will allow me to bundle all of a script's dependent modules into a new directory that I assume I'd have to push into @INC?

I've looked into PAR, but I have no experience with it. Also, I also assumed that this must be a common problem in shared hosting environments (or am I alone?) Is there a commonly accepted way to handle this problem?


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