I really love questions- whether it's helping out or learning from answers- I read 'em all. Unfortunately, all too often, we have posts from Anonymous Monks or from new folks who post already answered questions. I understand this completely, though- it's a new environment with thousands of possible clicks here and there. Admittedly, it may get confusing. It may not be initially clear what's what and what how works- especially if the user scrapped the FAQs which grease the finely-tuned cogs of the PM machinery. Therefore, I ask for a simple addition:

I propose a simple sentence for users at level 1 (though I can't seem to imagine hurting anyone else) before submitting anything to the PM behemoth MySQL vault.

Are you sure that this hasn't been mentioned before? Why not try Super Search or read Site How To or (insert other helpful links here). I see this as especially important for the Anonymous Monk who may be a "hit-and-run" case. I eagerly await your opinions.

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