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Your data structure is malformed. You don't want the key to be the score, that is, something subject to change.

What happens if I bump up the score of something that was at 13 by two, but there's another sentence at 15? Or what if there's a sentence at 12, and one at 13, and the 12 one gets bumped up by 3 and the 13 one gets bumped up by two? What's going to happen with that data structure is that one or the other will get wiped out.

So first, we take your hash and replace it with a saner data structure:

my @scorearray = map { {score=>$_, text=>$hash{$_}} } keys %hash;

Now that that's done, what you ask is quite easy:

for my $word (@scoreWords) { my $qmword = quotemeta($word); my $regexp = qr/\b$qmword\b/; for my $scorebit (@scorearray) { $scorebit->{'score'} += 1 if $scorebit->{'text'} =~ $regexp; } }

You can even print it out in a pretty table:

printf "%-7s%s\n", "Score", "Value"; for my $scorebit (@scorearray) { printf "%5d %s\n", $scorebit->{'score'}, $scorebit->{'text'}; }
@/=map{[/./g]}qw/.h_nJ Xapou cets krht ele_ r_ra/; map{y/X_/\n /;print}map{pop@$_}@/for@/