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Hello, im having problems parsing this XML Document.
I parsed some other documents before but i cannot parse this one correctly.

I want to pull all the news at one run.
forexample the feed containts 5 news(noticias).

and also i want to pull the 5 foto(photo).

the elemts are: pie and fotogrande only.
pie= caption for photo fotogrande = photo

a loop is no problem as long as i get this elements into some sort of scalar variable.
this the current code i have:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use warnings; use XML::Simple; use LWP::Simple; # initialize object # get RSS data my $raw = get(''); # create object my $xml = new XML::Simple; my $data = $xml->XMLin($raw); my @items = @{$data->{noticia}}; for my $hash ( @items ) { my $title = $hash->{titulo}; my $fulltext = $hash->{texto}; my $date = $hash->{fecha}; my $time = $hash->{hora}; print "TITLE: $title\n"; print "ARTICLE: $fulltext\n"; print "DATE: $date\n"; print "TIME: $time\n"; }

here is the xml file:

i want to send them by SMTP using perl. i already have the smtp code working. at one run i want to parse all news. and one by one send them using Net::SMTP;

I know my code is sloppy.. i just started working on this..
there is more than one way to do it!