I know this could be judged as somewhat akin to complaining about the texture of the left index fingernail on Michaelangelo’s David... ...but I thought I might anyway:

Is there any profound reason for having a voting option on nodes submitted by anonymous monks?

Outside of the possibility of the node appearing in either the Best or Worst Node lists, most monastery residents are unlikely see much difference between a Anonymous Monks node at +25 or –25.

Instead of this waste of votes I humbly put forward the following options:

A – We kill the vote option on nodes posted by Anonymous Monks
B – The votes spent on such a node go towards a charitable cause.

With the latter option, the votes could be used for all sorts of interesting things. A daily random act of small blessing? A fund for under priviledged monks? A prize for completing quests and awards?

Maybe we could organise it so that we get the best of both worlds ie. A vote that gets donated but still shows up in the node for statistical things such as thresholds etc.

Thank you for your brain cramp time.