Ok, at long last we've done a sweep of old unused or never used accounts. The accounts have been retyped to zombie_user and renamed (names prefixed with 'Zombie ') so that the original names are freed up again for new users. This should restore about 100 "cool" user names so get 'em while they are hot ;-)

Anyway, the criteria for "zombification" was that the user had no writeups, had XP<5 and hadn't been here since 2004-01-01, or had never been here at all.

Unfortunately I managed to screw things up right at the end, so I had to do some fixing from backups which means a few of the Zombies have lost their titles. I can't do anything about it, sorry. Luckily this is about five nodes so its not such a big deal. This may also mean some new users who didn't follow up on their mails quickly enough also lost their account, they should just choose a new account if they really want to stick around. There are a lot more user names to choose from now. :-)

Anyway, for anybody that owned one of these users that is surprised its missing please let the gods know somehow or other and we will raise you from the dead so to speak.

You know, I reckon we are now the only monastry ever that had a dungeon stuffed with sixteen thousand zombies. :-)

Update:There were some users that zombified that shouldn't have been, they have been raised from the dead.