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Given a data structure like this ...

$oWkBook = { students =>[ {fname=>'joe',lname=>'bloe',age=>'18'}, {fname=>'jill',lname=>'bill',age=>'16'}, ], teachers => [ {fname=>'joe',lname=>'sloe',age=>'38'}, {fname=>'jill',lname=>'sill',age=>'36'}, ], admins =>[ {fname=>'koe',lname=>'moe',age=>'58'}, {fname=>'dill',lname=>'mill',age=>'56'}, ], };

How can I change this ...

### iterate (current) for my $oWkSheet (keys %{$oWkBook}){ for my $oRec (@{$oWkBook->{$oWkSheet}}){ for my $oFld (keys %{$oRec}){ $oRec->{$oFld} =~ s/^\s+\n$//; }; }; };

into this ...

### iterate (wanted) for my $item ($oWkBook->iterate_fields()){ $item =~ s/^\s+\n$//; };

I've given SuperSearch a say, but it seems the examples assume a simple sequence of items (e.g. array), when what I want to do is iterate over an arbitrarily-nested data structure. (e.g. HoAoH)

My long term goal is to be able to reproduce this pattern regardless of the structure of the data variable. The request here is for a link or an example of handling HoAoH with iterators that I can use as a starting point for understanding this design pattern a little better.