Upon consideration, I am not at all sure that having a Worst Nodes section is a good idea.

It's fun. I like it. But what is it, really? Do we, as a community, really want to showcase the dross we've acquired along the way? I am hard pressed to see what good this does any of us; it seems a lot like the sorts of daytime television which, in the US, showcase the basest behavior in society, so that everyone else can marvel at how low human beings can sink. It also seems like our own little Troll Hall of Fame, a goal for sad individuals who feel incapable of contributing anything better to a community than petty vandalism.

Granted, to remove it only obscures the information; it is still there for the clever or dilligent to find. But why enshrine what is bad? We've got too many great things going on here to call attention what little is ignorant or rude.

I'm not pleased to suggest this. Like JavaScript on homenodes, this is a bit of fun that would be sad to lose. But it may be for the best, especially in light of recent events.

But maybe I'm wrong, or I'm overreacting, or not seeing the whole picture. Wouldn't be the first time. What do my fellow monks think?