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I have that problem with every new MacOS install, but the problem isn't with Perl, or even the OS ... it's my firewall. tries to use Net::FTP, which MacOS has installed -- but it doesn't have a libnet.cfg file, and I'm behind a firewall which requires me to use passive FTP.

In cases like this, it has nothing to do with the commitment of Perl devlopers, or the OS, or anyone else, but a knowledge of what my environment is. Every environment is different, and it is impossible for the developers to plan for every last possible permutation of configuration variables. They can get it so that things work most of the time, but once in a while, you actually have to look at the README files, and/or understand what the error messages are.

I personally find that you can often get help with problems by asking for it -- if you present it as a general bitch about the community, you are much less likely to get the problem that you're having resolved. If you actually want to get the problem fixed, I would assume that you would phrase it slightly differently than just general complaining. It might feel good to vent, but I find it normally feels even better to get it fixed, and behind you.