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$ finger [] (Email addressed to '' will not be delivered to the following user because it only matches on a last name, not a computer login name.) name: Coke e-mail: [ Forwarding as "" ] [] Login: coke Name: Coke Account Directory: /afs/ece/usr/coke Shell: /bin/true Last login Wed Jan 17 09:39 2007 (EST) on pts/0 from livia.ece.cmu.e No mail. No Plan.


#!/usr/bin/perl -w # # Hack to query and report from # # This code is free software; you can redistribute it and/or # modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. # # by rik - # ###################### # support stage # ###################### use strict; use Getopt::Std qw(getopts); use LWP::Simple qw(get); use URI::Escape qw(uri_escape uri_unescape); use HTML::TokeParser; sub usage ( ) { print " usage: lexfn [options] word1 [word2] options available: -s Synonymous -a Antonym -b Birth Year -t Triggers -r Rhymes -d Death Year -g Generalizes -l Sounds like -T Bio Triggers -S Specialises -A Anagram of -k Also Known As -c Comprises -o Occupation of -p Part of -n Nationality or -x for all word1 is mandatory, but some searches require word2\n\n" } ###################### # parse stage # ###################### # grab arguments, and put them into %args hash, leaving nonarguments # in @ARGV for us to process later (where word1 and word2 would be) # if we don't have at least one argument, we die with our usage. my %args; getopts('stgScparlAonbdTkx', \%args); if (@ARGV > 2 || @ARGV == 0) { usage( ); exit 0; } # turn both our words into queries. $ARGV[0] =~ s/ /\+/g; $ARGV[1] ||= ""; if ($ARGV[1]) { $ARGV[1] =~ s/ /\+/g; } # begin our URL construction with the keywords. my $URL = "$ARGV[0]". "&tWord=$ARGV[1]&query=show&maxReach=2"; # now, let's figure out our command-line arguments. each # argument is associated with a relevant search at LexFN, # so we'll first create a mapping to and fro. my %keynames = ( s => 'ASYN', t => 'ATRG', g => 'AGEN', S => 'ASPC', c => 'ACOM', p => 'APAR', a => 'AANT', r => 'ARHY', l => 'ASIM', A => 'AANA', o => 'ABOX', n => 'ABNX', b => 'ABBX', d => 'ABDX', T => 'ABTR', k => 'ABAK' ); foreach my $key(keys %keynames) { $keynames{$key} = lc($keynames{$key}); $keynames{$key} = ucfirst($keynames{$key}); } # if we want everything all matches # then add them to our arguments hash, # in preparation for our URL. use Data::Dumper; #die Dumper(\%keynames); if (defined($args{'x'}) && $args{'x'} == 1) { foreach my $arg (qw/s t g l S c p a r l A o n b d T k/){ $args{$arg} = 1; # in preparation for URL. } delete $args{'x'}; # x means nothing to LexFN. } # build the URL from the flags we want. foreach my $arg (keys %args) { $URL .= '&' . $keynames{$arg} . '=on' i +f $args{$arg} == 1} ###################### # request stage # ###################### # and download it all for parsing. my %table = ( 'sounds like' => $args{l}, 'comprises' => $args{c}, 'rhymes with' => $args{r}, 'is more general than' => $args{g}, 'is a kind of' => $args{p}, 'is an anagram of' => $args{A}, 'triggers' => $args{t}, 'is a synonym of' => $args{s}, ); my $content = get($URL) or die $!; my %tags = (); foreach my $line(split /\n/, $content) { my ($tag) = $line =~ /ALT\=\"([\w ]+)\"/; next unless($tag); $tags{$tag} = $table{$tag}; } ###################### # extract stage # ###################### # with the data sucked down, pass it off to the parser. my $stream = HTML::TokeParser->new( \$content ) or die $!; # skip the form on the page, then it's the first <b> # after the form that we start extracting data from my $tag = $stream->get_tag("/form"); while ($tag = $stream->get_tag("b")) { my $line = ''; $line .= $stream->get_trimmed_text("/b") . " "; $tag = $stream->get_tag("img"); $line .= $tag->[1]{alt} . " "; my $ok = $tags{$tag->[1]{alt}} ? 1 : 0; $tag = $stream->get_tag("a"); $line .= $stream->get_trimmed_text("/a") . "\n"; print $line if($ok); } exit 0;

ww and Scott7477

From Pedagogues Wiki:
planetscape, Apr 24, 2006 at 09:45 UTC

In the pedagogues' inbox, Scott7477 writes: "What subject would you most like to see a tutorial for posted to PM? Thx Scott"

Anyone have any preferences? I'd simply suggest he pick a subject he is competent in and comfortable with writing... Either that, or perhaps we should commission him to take on ww's earlier request:

ww says "though slightly OT, suggest a compilation re translation of M$Word to civilized files might be useful; cf: holli's node et seq in Re^2: "Demoronizer" in Best of the Best Users in Perlmonks site and those I mention below."




Clean up your Web pages with HTML TIDY

HTML Tidy Library Project

Charlie's Tidy Add-ons, including a Perl Wrapper

HTML tidy, using XML::LibXML


Demoronizer - A perl script to sanitize Microsoft's HTML

Demoronizer - Correct Moronic Microsoft HTML

Word HTML 2 Formatting Objects

WH2FO is a Java application that processes an HTML output, created with Word 2000, and transforms it into an XML content file and an XSL stylesheet file. From these files, a standard XSLT processor may be used to obtain a file containing only XSL-FO markup. You can also apply a stylesheet that converts the XML back into HTML discarding all the extra markup added by Word. Using an XSL-FO renderer, such as FOP, you can also render your document into PDF.


GrandFather's PerlMonks Editor - on CPAN:


HTML::Parser has several example programs, such as which might be helpful - free office suite and MSOffice alternative

Use OpenOffice to save in HTML format. OpenOffice creates much cleaner HTML, and the resulting file may still be run through HTML Tidy or a script such as

Word Processor Filters


Arachnophilia offsite

There may well be more resources out there, but this list should get you started. I suggest examining each alternative's usage, sample (short) input and output, and a breakdown of the pros and cons...

See also:

"Not yet organized" Stuff:

Re: Fun with two-dimensional arrays
Comparing contents of 2 Hashes of Hashes
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XML Pretty Printer
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Re(2): What is the difference between a list and an array?
Application for 'Quality Assurance'
Where to learn about Bioinformatics?
Simulated Evolution
How can I use 'split' with unknown amount of variables?
Re: Re: Re: How can I use 'split' with unknown amount of variables?
Definitive/Favorite Perl XML DOM + XSLT interface?
Beginning Perl For Bioinformatics
Editing features for advanced users
Help parsing XML
Advanced Sorting - GRT - Guttman Rosler Transform
PerlMonks CSS Examples
Preventing Cross-site Scripting Attacks
Handling huge BLOB fields with DBI and MySQL
Professional Employees and Works for Hire
Using Win32::OLE and Excel - Tips and Tricks
Learning Perl
Generating beautiful reports
Checking whether two variables have the same structure
Need a test for deep equality
seeking different ways to slice a 2-d array
CrazyPPM repository, interested?
perl and DOM
The fine art of database programming
Complex sorting
OT: Cross-site Scripting - Articles and Tools
Safe CSS Stylesheets
3D Point Plotting
Favorite Weapons
Perl & XML
Complex Data Structures
Re: Complex Data Structures
Level 6: Friar
Re: Inspection/Introspection
What is moderation?
Replace the Text of an XML Element Using LibXML and DOM
XML::Generator::DBI Tutorial
Getting into Bioinformatics
How do I make a Perl script into a self-contained executable?
How do I find the size of an array?
How do I find the index of the last element in an array?
Defensive Programming and Audit Trails
(OT) Professional Employees: who owns your thoughts?
CSS Changes/Additions
Do my homework for me!
How to build up complex SQL queries
XML::Twig TwigHandler for attributes?
Drawing Graphs
Map: The Basics
On CSS and other machinations.
Perl-Win32 "filter" shortcuts
Simplifying CSS
One Point to Saint hood
Perl Style Guides for Large Projects
Diff on hashes
XML::Twig::Handlers - promoting laziness through magic
Multidimensional regular expressions
My coding guidelines
evaling dumped cyclic structures
Really slow sort, but useful.
Matching '=' and other non alphanumeric characters using regular expressions
Why isn't it found in @INC ?
Finding first block of contiguous elements in an array
sort, semi-numeric
Re: Re: Re: using split on every element in an array
Re: XML::Twig, or something else?
Re: XML Module Recommendations
Best Practices for Exception Handling
Safe symmetric encryption - Crypt::CBC + Crypt::Blowfish?
Finding the size of an array in a hash?
Re: Correction to Database problem
Compare data structures (without loops)
Top Ten ways you know you are a Perl Monks Addict.
Orders of Monks
Vote Fairy
Using split
PerlMonks and JavaScript
pmdevil's cave map
Customizing PerlMonks CSS
Re: Practical suggestion for accessing configuration data stored in XML format
Death to Dot Star!
Algorithms, Datastructures and syntax
Datastructures and compare functions
Longest Common Substring
Code generation from truth table.
Accessing/Printing Complex Data Structure
Finding DNA string mismatches
What nodes should/should not be front paged?
Answer: structured printing of arrays perl call graph generator
Test::More - equal_set
How would I write a CSS generator script?
Re: Finding largest common subset in lists?
Re: Finding largest common subset in lists?
The path to mastery
Are you addicted to Chatterbox?
Before asking a database related question ...
syntax highlighting of code in perlmonks forums
Updating and Linking Old Nodes
Limit on voting down a person
error handling
What you refuse to see, is your worst trap
Mastering Perl for Bioinformatics
Scraping HTML: orthodoxy and reality
comprehensive error handling
Useless Statistics
Project Management: Graph & Diagram for Visualizing & Analyzing Structure with GraphViz
HTML::Tree(Builder) in 6 minutes
Clipboard transform keys
Programming and math
XML tree to HASH
Perl & Math: A Quick Reference
Little pattern problem...
Re: HTML parsing using RegEx, HTML::Parser and or HTML::TokeParser?
On deleting node contents
Re: How to Deflea a Cat
XML::LibXML vs XML::Parser and friends
Pointless Statistics
The Matrix Reloaded: JAPH
BioInformatics - polyA tail search
Error Handling Misconception
Nodes to consider
Learning Perl?
LCCS time complexity
Perl Idioms Explained - @ary = $str =~ m/(stuff)/g
Working Node Tracker?
On being a browser
OLE wrapper for IE
CSS and perl
use PerlMonksFacts;
Re: Re: Re: Array in Array
PmDev HowTo
How do I moderate?
Symbolic calculations with operator overload
A Beginning Guide To Evolutionary Algorithms
XML::Generator::PerlData and attributes
Perl Idioms Explained - && and || "Short Circuit" operators
In an array of arrays, how do I print the whole array or bits of it?
Sainthood via Seniority Simulation
Dynamic Chromosome Mapping
finding longest common substring
Walking thru XML
Re: Walking thru XML
Re: Taking your marbles and running away in regret
Tidy code for other languages?
On-the-fly all-languages syntax highlighting
Simple tool for making HTML blockquotes from text selections
XML::Twig - Twig Handler question
Re: Storing node revision history
fullpage chat
New CSS feature, CSS support in FPC, and more
RE: RE: RE: Re: HTML Document Comparison
The B:: Modules
Janitors' Guidelines
What do Janitors do?
Conglomerate of arrays with no duplicates
How do I use the power of consideration responsibly?
Handler communication in XML::Twig
XML::Twig compare Twigs
More PM Stats
Comparing hashes without sorting the keys
PDL-based plotting tool
"Rites of Passage" wheel reinventing
Re: Submitting a form
Learn vi/vim in 50 lines and 15 minutes
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(Client side) Perl Syntax Highlighter
Testing Non-module code
CSS back into HTML
Fastest Rising Monks - Revisited
Module Installation Verifier
creating a subroutine for accessing hash of arrays
Chatterbox conversational clusters
How to handle Errors?
Search @INC And Display Modules
find differences between multiple hashes
Chatterbox highlighting
Perl Internals: Hashes
Editor tricks.
Re: You need more coffee when...
Accessing references
Hardware/Software Inventory
Edit scratchpad from within the scratchpad
Perldoc POD Quick Reference
Screen capture on Windows
More chatterbox history, a recap, and a new toy
XML parsing in perl with Xerces
When hashes aren't enough
tye's scratchpad
jdporter's scratchpad
Algorithm::Loops::NestedLoops and LCS sequence
CSS Resources
Re: My first LWP script
Re: Remote Login and Form Posting
node query xml generator
How do our brains work?
similar string matching
Pass by value acts like pass by reference
Line endings
Tree Traversal Script/Nested Sets
Re: Reference Notation
how to merge the files of DNA sequences?
Perlmonks CSS font size hack
What do you know, and how do you know that you know it?
Your favorite perl websites
Other Bioinformatics Monks Out There?
Private message (/msg) notification
New science/informatics interest area?
How is the default @INC constructed?
XML Strategy For Computer Algebra
Re^2: Finding posts with zero replies.
Identifying CSS widows and orphans
Data-driven programming with WWW::Mechanize
Data Regression Utility
Inner Scriptorium
Re: how do foreach and while affect an array?
Matching against list of patterns
printing source code green bar style
Finding Patterns
Suggestions for nodes to use to test CSS
Too much Front Paging
Re: problem using XML Twig
Code highlighting?
Require a script not found in @INC array
Nodelet CSS/Format changes
Documentation system
Sucking Data off a Web Page
GP problem with tree structure using hash
XML::Twig -vs- XML::XPath
Super Search
Re: Free Nodelet Hack: Clear all Radio buttons
Just the contents m'am
Homenode Surfing
Rotate a 3D vector
quotes in Perl
color crazyness and CSS
Permanent theme for home node
Re: Foreach in a 2D array
Sorting non-standard elements
XML Parser not well-formed
A mini-language for sequences (part 1)
Introduction to anonymous arrays and hashes
help manipulating data in an array.
array assignment
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Perl documentation documentation
Mystery Novelist seeks ELS generator
User CSS Repository
Insert Password Protection into PDF Doc's
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Don't Retitle This Node
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Code refactoring: simple trig, but it's been so long.
Comparison by position and value
screen scraping
Re: Abstract: rate of popular growth for Perl
Help with Everything Engine
Student Class Section Lottery
Handling non-fatal method error strings without exceptions or globals?
Back to Perl
Things you think you'll never use.
Learning the Deeper Secrets of Perl
Automation and Manual testing using HTTP::Recorder
Bioperl 1.5.0 released
linkextor — extract particular links from HTML documents
Building html site maps
What is the perl equivalent of vba
HTTP Headers Using WWW::Mechanize
Can I use Test::Differences with Test::LectroTest?
Perl Monk's Bible
screen scraping MECHANIZE
How do I create a simple, perl-based text filter for Vim
twig_handlers versus twig_roots
Solicitation For Ideas: Tutorial On Precedence
counting overlapping patterns
Re: Automating downloads with Perl
Re: Swimsuits2005
strftime reference for Win32
Evolution in Action.
Monk Links - Copy Perlmonks-links to the clipboard in on-site-format
Re^2: XML::Simple help
Re: XML::Simple help
Re: WWW:::Mechanize and credentials
Re: convoluted question regarding visualization of perl code
Outputting a hash as XML
Clicking nameless buttons with WWW::Mechanize
help with hashes
"Unexpected field value" error with WWW::Mechanize
Code Samples and Previous Employers
Parallels Between Perlmonks.ORG and Religious Cults (Retirement Announcement)
Standard Modules
XML::Simple "transforming data"
Set Notation Handling
Handy wrapper for Spreadsheet::WriteExcel
Re: Turning foreach into map?
Devel::Cover tutorial wanted
most efficient way to implement "A without B"
How do you master Perl?
Perl diagram/chart generator
"combined" HTML *and* CSS parser?
sorting a hash by keys, according to preference
exit or die in error handling?
table capture
Form generation
Display Settings
XML::XSLT problem
Mathematical elegance vs. linguistic expressiveness
Installing Module from source....
Heisenberg Uncertainty Hash
Mathematics eq CompSci
XML::Parser can't create empty tags?
What's the most important thing to learn in the Perl world?
Switch/case as a dispatch table with C-style fall-through
How long do you spend at PM?
DNA is Life
Implementing Dispatch Tables
Searching a file for an undetermined hexadecimal string
converting tcpdump output
In search of an algorithm for loading cyclic graphs
Understanding transformation sorts (ST, GRT), the details
Recursively traverse two data structures and test for match
Error Handling with Packages
Categorizing while approving
perl -V using weird @INC
string comparison
Re^6: Interactive scripting with DB (effective ways?)
Music CD Data
ysth's pmdev TODO scratchpad
Do not reinvent the wheel: real-world example using XML::Twig
off-by-one string comparison
Complex Data Structure Suggestions Wanted
Re: Brainstorming session: detecting plagiarism
Consolidating data from lots of different sources
Strip that XML!
Chatterbox to Festival Server (TTS output)
Error handling - how much/where/how?
Thinking about module error handling
CSS parsing
If statement problem with hash values
Perl can do it, take 1 (sentence generation)
How would you extract *content* from websites?
On Code Ownership
Puzzlement in Splitsville
Re: Mathematics eq CompSci
/usr/bin/perl -w?
map +
On bad habits
XML::DOM Alternative
count subset of chars in a line
If I had a Free Two Months...
One line assigment statement with regex match
My excessive and redundant code<333
flexible command line mail sender (SMTP)
update database question
How much time to become a good Perl programmer ?
How do I access a password protected site and access data?
Sudoku puzzles solved using Regular Expressions
Why XML not well formed?
Most specific pattern
Can a hash self reference?
Can't install XML::LibXML
Perlmonks TagCloud
Submit a form using perl module
Data::Dumper(::Simple) is your friend
Desert Island Modules
Tree Structure and Db
Drag-and-drop encrypting files in a pen drive
Regex Lab 4 Studying
The art of comments: (rave from the grave)
Non-Technical Factors
Re: Code Misses a Replacement
FGATAW - the companion to a FAQ
Turning HtmlDoc into Book
How do i extract 3 variables from each line in a file, and print them to a new file
Parsing a macro language
Training non-programmers in Perl regexps
Install CollinsParser on Perl
Nesting regexen
Request: Collapsible Side Bar
Re: Request: Collapsible Side Bar (working solution)
Capitalize the first letter of each word
It's not human!
exporting MS ACCESS tables into a CSV file
Re: exporting MS ACCESS tables into a CSV file
Hash of Hash of Hash of ...
Specific hash to array conversion query
I've played solitaire with physical cards within the last:
create search string from array elements
package function calling
Re: How to get the output from make test into a text file? (HTML-Element-Library)
Dependency Inference
Submit from browser works but LWP does not
ilf - input line frequency time event visualization
Using Perl to clean up DBs?
editor delete votes
compare two Excel spreadsheets
compare two text files
How to flatten hashes?
Pop/shift/delete on array
Understanding the map function
Schedule Optimization
use of 'map'
Re: How to flatten hashes?
using xml::simple with unknown xml structure
doxygen for perl?
Ouch! Each! Reentrant it is not
Differences in SQL syntax when using DBI (are there any)? And help on publishing module on CPAN.
Creating huge files with the Template Toolkit
Parsing complex data
'Best Sample Perl Scripts' Posted on Microsoft Site
XML::Simple is doing too much for me! Help please.
Annoying warnings...
Draw a picture of hash internals
Breathers of Fire
Janitor Powers
SelfGOL - I bet it is very obfuscated.
retrieve list values...
XML::LibXSLT generates invalid XHTML
Does Data::Dumper give you eye strain? Use Test::More::is_deeply() for debugging!
How to handle a variable number of results from split()?
What is "Schwarzian Transform" (aka Schwartzian)
Can I serialize an object and have it remember it's type?
Normalizing URLs
Use Hash? Array? Still confused after all these years.
google search terms as population members of a genetic algorithm
how can i create a hash by reading an array
Wanted, more simple tutorials on testing
Pull all text from msword document
Variable persistence for suspend-and-resume programs
[OT] Ethical and Legal Screen Scraping
Enumerate a Win32 Treeview
Windows Shortcut Creation
finding values in an array that add up to a specific number
Getting back $object from eval(Dumper($object))
RFC: yet another sorting technique
XML::Parser sigh...
List of loaded subroutines
Re: How can I parse grouped data?
Inversion on a non square matrix using PDL (or similar?)
How do I turn a hash into a name=value string?
Autovivification for dummies (using Test::More)
Identifying Overlapping Area in a Set of Strings
Yet another array problem
Re-Interpolating a Scalar (a string)
(OT) Pushing inductive systems to their limit
What is the problem of subroutine "make_file" in my code?
Fixing suspect characters in HTML
store/retrieve data structure in MySQL
Reverse engineering regular expressions
Question On signals in perl
Re: Question On signals in perl
unanswered questions
Print Bookmarked Webpages
Ook interpreter
Millions of line segment intersection calcs: Looking for speed tips
Re: Installing Perl Modules on a PC?
Hash and arrays
Best way to store an object collection.
RFC: "Best Practices" code review section
Operating on XML, or XML::Simple is too simple!
Splitting multiline scalars into different array entries
XML processing
How to Ask a Question (With Test::More) (repost, with Sitedocclan approval.)
How to Ask a Regex Question (with Test::More) (repost, with Sitedocclan approval)
Delete line if REGEX == true
Professional, "a-la-OpenOffice", 3D graphs
Master FaqList faqlist
Algorithm wanted
Counting Variations of Key in a Hash
Tools you can't live without
perltidy safety
popping, shifting or splicing an array???
Use LWP::UserAgent to go to a password protected ASP page
Accessing mixed content in XML
Subphrases from a phrase
Remote Execution Perl
Fisher's Exact Test
Text::ExtractWords minwordlen and maxwordlen
Learning ***** as a second language
using two Parse::RecDescent parsers together
Homeland Security Threat Level
Substitute text string in a file with matching text from another file
Settings Nodes
How to use regular expression for this?
[ Natural Sort ]: Sorting a string with numbers
Re: How to use regular expression for this? (LCS)
pattern matching with large regex
dynamic map "quadrant" indexing
Optimizing Algorithm::Diff
Strange regex behavior - beware chunk boundaries!
Unpredictable output form Text::ExtractWords
Perl as a test tool for Foxpro apps?
Search for identical substrings

Portable perl: usb thumbdrive
Never without (win32) perl
Running Perl standalone, e.g. from a USB key
Perl on a bootable USB key
Minimal Perl
RFC: Perl-onna-Stick

Arrays & Hashes
Preserving order for nested hashes using Tie::IxHash
Perl and Microsoft Excel
Fast common substring matching
Extracting keywords from HTML
How to change @INC permanently?
Revamp of the Snippets Section
Recursion and XML::Twig
Finding Hidden Keys in Your Windows Registry
All Combinations of three arrays.
Find repeated patterns in strings
Spiraling integers
(OT) How do you relax and "recharge"?
Hashes & Arrays
Updated Hashes & Arrays
Message Inbox
Array searching, grep, first
“A meeting at the Liquor-Vodka Factory”, or… same ARRAY questions again?!!
Perl and Microsoft Access
cpan error messages
Hashes and hash references
Fast Way to Return Unique Array of Array
Updating A Hash Recursively
I miss
Re: use win32::perms without installing it
schwartzian transform and sorting on two columns
Re: new : greping
Redirecting STDOUT and standard error to file
Time-proven Perl courses?
Pretty Printing with Data::Dumper
Re: [development] Let's get it started quick'n'dirty!
Keyword Nodelet / Tagging documentation
The kind of programmer I dislike and the kind of programmer I do not want to be myself
Free nodelet templates make scratchpads _freer
Stepping up from XML::Simple to XML::LibXML
Locate large HTML paragraphs with XML::LibXML
Delete a sheet from Excel
Thoughts on designing a file format.
Friendly error trapping
Convert PowerPoint Presentation to Word Document with Win32::OLE
Is it possible to use key/values of a Hash/Hash ref while it's being initialized?
How A Function Becomes Higher Order
User Settings Renovations and the new Settings Nodelet
Re: Working with WWW::Mechanize
Encrypting User/Pass sent by WWW::Mechanize
Authentication with WWW::Mechanize
Pretty Print Dumper for Hash of Array
Pulling part of another web page into your output on the fly (with HTML::Parser)
How can I fetch text from Windows Title Bars?
Cycle in Directed Graph
RFC: BioInformatics tutorial?
WWW::Mechanize to Access HTTPS with Cookies
Perl Version Change - Detecting Problems in Advance
Style guide for error messages?
File::Slurp and encryption
Multithread Web Crawler
Keeping sharp and fresh
RFC: Data::Sync
Displaying TV Listings (and no screen-scraping )
Natural Language Sentence Production
Re: understanding closures
Right tool for the job?
Moving a tag within text with XML::Twig
Re^2: RFC: The Uniqueness of hashes.
Win32::OLE and Word
Dealing with the QA guy ... (no, really)
Seeking Xml::XPath tutorials
Save File As --filenames
Our Saints
True or False? A Quick Reference Guide
Creating a Slice through a 2 dimensional array
arrays and hashes blended !
Re: Running Shell Command
Tk and FTP with progress bars.
RFC: XML::Composer
Determining uniqueness in a string.
Dynamic regex assertions, capturing groups, and parsers: joy and terror
How to learn Object Oriented Perl
Detecting Installed Softwares on PC
parse multipart/form-data into a hash structure
how about "My Favorite Nodes"?
Re^3: Problems with Microsft's new Office 'XML'
Test driven development and glue code
Finding Windows XP CD Key
CSV Parse on filehandle
How to Ask a Datastructures Question (with Test::More)
How I started reading Perl's (builtin) documentation.
Re: activeperl vs perl
Re: New node - Supersearch - Feature proposal !
PDF creation with Template Toolkit
html analysis tool via regex
Capturing the text in a Console Window
Hamming Distance Between 2 Strings - Fast(est) Way?
Coming Down From The Pedestal
checking if form field exists in WWW::Mechanize
Using references as hash keys
RFC Is this readable?
Two Different Languages: Two Similar Books
Comment Removal
Mangle HTML on-the-fly using HTTP::Proxy
Concordance Printing of Two Arrays
Dispatch Table and Data::Dumper
showchatter - (patch)
Table Manipulation
optimal way of comparing 2 arrays
question for perl book & magazine authors
WWW::Mechanize problem
Gathering experiences with Parse::RecDescent
Write Coding to validate the .pl Files
Hacking perl
Re: Is this actually possible?
Count non-empty hash values
Scriptome and Perl One-Liners
Bundling commonly-used modules into a toolset
Testing programs
Validating HTML structures
Converting HoA into AoH
handle_xml_view - (patch)
A brief survey of the DBI usability layer modules on the CPAN
Using the XML::Parser Module
two-dimensional coordinate transformation
Consider this: What makes a good node title?
Categories. Table of Contents. Trees?
Reviews and guides for modules.
Regarding the recent node retitling sentiments
The whore-by-mail game
Your Favorite Options for Perltidy
How to simplify the datastructure returned by XML::Twig
New XML Chatter Stuff
Old sorting paper holds the key to unlocking the secrets of the Schwartzian Transform
Leaving the "Know-it-all" Paradigm towards a Programmers Mindset
What is YOUR Development Process?
Creating Pivot tables from Perl
good perl book
LWP::UserAgent with HTTP::Cookies problems
Documenting Perl Scripts
Changes to the User Nodes ticker and introducing the NodeRep XML ticker
Question on Html Tidy
Re: How would you use perl debugging tools to pinpoint the problem here?
Demonstrate Weakness of "Standard Format" Passwords
WWW::Robot no longer compatible with LWP::RobotUA. Now what?
The True Catacombs of Perlmonks
Common Substrings
What's missing in Perl books?
Win32 @INC behavior
Neat Debugger tricks
What is the easy way to comment out chunk of Perl Code
Generalized Suffix Tree in Perl
A simple game AI that learns
Care and Discretion
Simple Generalized Genetic Algorithm
spells for power users
Tk app to show the computers you are connecting to
New site editors
The editors' hall of mirrors and trickery
Node 541
Editor Requests
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Can I use Perl to send POST data to forms that use MS FrontPage webbots?
References quick reference
How do I create a switch or case statement?
How cand I find each dimension x,y,z of a 3D arrays
Scalars, Lists, and Arrays
q/"vroom's phantasmagorically phreaky w-w-w-wiki of phunky love fandango (thunderbolts, lightning, and rain, Oh My!)" is the new black/ considered harmful
Tricks with DBI
Comparing Strings
Work Backup
XML Manipulation
Be a god! (insert evil laughter here)
Personal Nodelet Extractor
Code Generating Scripts - Long Post
Extracting array of hashes from data
Reactionary Coding-One-Shot Programs
Reverse engineering HTML
Throwing Exceptions and Error Handling
natural language sentence construction
How to test equality of hashes?
Pasring XML into a simple hash
Hash Tutorial
Re: (stephen) Hash Tutorial
Multidimensional Arrays
Humanized lists of numbers
What is consideration?
Windows GUI programs in Perl
(Golf) RNA Genetic Code Translator
recursively comparing heterogenous data structures
Sorting Issues :(
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