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I'm pretty sure there isn't anyway. BUT! If you use vim, there's always vimscripts!

For the vimscript below to work just put it in your .vimrc file. It assumes you have marked a maker 'a' (':mark a' while NOT in insert mode) at the beginning of where you want your un/comment block. Then just scroll down to where you want it to end and type in ',cb#' (while NOT in insert mode) to comment out the block. Alternatively you can type in ',ucb#' to uncomment a block of code.

nmap ,cb# :'a,.s/^/#/gi<CR>:nohl<CR> nmap ,ucb# :'a,.s/^#//g<CR>:nohl<CR>

Since perl doesn't have a standard IDE, i think the answer to this question is largely going to depend on what editor your using for developement.