Keyboard-driven Navigation (For shmem) #1

I've tried the beast: all in all, I already like it!

Key driven navigation must be turned off whenever a textarea is entered, or a text field. Sadly, there's no uniform id for composition textareas or title textboxes...

Is this the case? If it were, then indeed it would be extremely annoying. But then I've tried e.g. to go to the node consideration text field, both with the hot key and scrolling with the mouse. Then I did not consider the node and move out of it say, with a Tab. And I could start using the keybindings again - seamlessly. Or did I misunderstood anything?

To disable, enter document.onkeypress = ''; in a suitable javascript console (e.g.firebug). Oh.. that reminds me... Firefox only, I guess. Haven't checked IE yet.

I believe that the javascript: pseudo-protocol may do. Again, FF has it: don't know 'bout IE, let alone other browsers.

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