Throughout internships in school and for my last two fulltime jobs I've been largely doing perl.

I did a smattering of shell scripting, C, and a tidbit of Java/C++, but the perl just kept sneaking up on me. And, I must admit, I love it. I've been exploring some of the depths of perl as well as reading up on perl6.

But part of me still can't think of it as a 'real' language. I also suspect it doesn't have the same amount of respect. Yet I know very well many projects done in Java (or, even worse, C/C++) can be done a lot more quickly and effectively in perl. Even more, recently I worked with SWIG interfacing a lower-level library to perl and I can't help but absolutely love the idea of using perl (or even another scripting language) as the glue to hold everything together!

I'm wondering if some people here struggle professionally with being, more than anything else, a perl programmer? I'm someone who has ended up on more of a perl career path without really realizing where I've been headed!