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Hi, I'm new to perl (allthough Im pretty good with php and delphi) and have been making some small programs. I just started a program and allready am stuck. I am trying to make a server/client app. All that th server does is accept connections, and on reading data from a client, sends it to every other one. The client should connect to the server, receive data from it, and send data to it, a very very simple chat application in short. I am having problems with the server, to manage the different connections, I am using the select() function, as described here: My code allmost exactly the same as that, and it still deosnt work, for a start I would like it to print the data received from the clien on the screen, what is wrong here (it never prints the data to the screen)?:
#!/usr/bin/perl #test script use IO::Socket; use IO::Select; if(@ARGV < 1) { printf("Usage:\ <port to run on>\n"); exit(); } my $sock = IO::Socket::INET->new( Proto=>"tcp", LocalHost=>"Localhost", Listen=>16, Reuse=>1, LocalPort=>$ARGV[0] ) or die("Could not create socket!\n") +; my $readSet = new IO::Select(); $readSet->add($sock); while(1) { my $rhSet = IO::Select->select($readSet, undef, undef, 0); foreach $rh(@rhSet) { if($rh == $sock) { $newSocket=$rh->accept(); $readSet->add($newSocket); } else { $buf=<$rh>; if($buf) { printf "$buf"; } else { $readSet->remove($rh); close($rh); } } } }
I have allready anticipated another problem I will have. As you see, it accepts any new sockets, but what if, I want to send data to all open sockets the server has received? I see no where (array, etc) where the sockets are saved. Any help?