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I agree with btrott. (Me too! *grin*) Perl handles object oriented programming very well. I have done several successful projects using OO perl. In fact, perl handles every major OO feature that you could possibly need.
OO and mod_perl work fine. Follow the basic rules for function building that you normally would use in mod perl and you will be fine.
The only real thing "OO" thing that perl doesn't do is information hiding. Perl like information to be there (in the form of hash keys usually), so any information hiding that you do "need" to do will be through the documentation. As long as you have programmed something in an encapsulated manner and document it correctly, if someone uses your class in a manner not specified by documentation, they will suffer the consiquences (version issues, strange behavior). Other than that, perl is wonderful and very free object oriented language.
Try out some oo programming in perl... you will find it to your liking.