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A while back I coded up (RSS feeds to and posted about it here. It recieved a good reaction and has been seeing moderate usage ever since.

Now I am far too busy to properly look after it and people are starting to notice when it misbehaves - mainly with dodgy characters getting into the XML. What I want to do is to open it up and let any and everyone work on it if they want to.

How should I do this? I could put it on sourceforge, I could make it a CPAN module and accept patches, I could find one person who wants to work on it and give it to them.

It is all slightly complicated by the fact that it is a web service. I am happy to continue hosting it but it should only be hosted in one place - mainly to keep the load on perlmonks proper down and mainly so that people know where to go for it.

Any and all thoughts, experiences etc welcomed.

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