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Here is what I have tried already.
<%@Language=PerlScript%> <% use strict; use Win32::ASP; use vars qw($Response $Request $Server); # Turn on buffering...allows us # to send headers whenever we want. $Response->{Buffer} = 1; # turn OFF page caching. This will hopefully # fix some of IIS's HORRIBLE shortcomings. $Response->{Expires} = 0; $Response->AddHeader('pragma', 'no-cache'); $Response->AddHeader('cache-control','private'); $SIG{__DIE__} = sub { $Response->Write("<h1>Death!</h1>"); }; $SIG{__WARN__} = sub { $Response->Write("<h1>Warning!</h1>"); }; %> <%= my $bad_value = 4/0 %>
And here is what it begets (in the Browser window only, nothing in logs.
PerlScript Error error '80004005' (in cleanup) Illegal division by zero /index.asp, line 18

I am trying to capture that output and throw it to an error log. The problem is that I haven't been about to capture it. If matters weren't bad enough, I have no access to the administration of the host server. I can only access my directory (Global.asa is not an option).

Thank you,
Kristofer Hoch