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What an asinine response.

Since when have those products become physically addictive ? Are they injected with chemicals to increase their addictive capacity ?

In what way do cigarettes offer nourishment to the body ?

If you were "mature" enough to read beyond the headlines/picture captions you would see that the health hazards associated with those foods relate to the frequency which they are consumed - as opposed to the actual content of the foodstuffs.

If I coud have forgiven your rebuttal (which I obviously couldn't) , the line "The citizen is mature" is totally inexcusably crap. I am pushing 40, married with kids, lived in many countries, educated to post-grad level, worked in snr. mgmt in corporate world, self-employment, etc., etc., etc., (blah, blah, blah) and I still am so thick/stupid/immature that (among lots of other stupid things I do/say) I smoke. The trouble is I'm representative of a lot of my peers. Let's face it we are so far down the evolutionary scale that we are kidding ourselves if we think we have any more control of our lives beyond "what's for lunch" (and even that is just a chimera of control). The citizen is worse than "immature" ... we are "so immature we actually think we are smart". The only upside to the oft-cited "global warming"/armageddon/"sky- is-falling-in" scenario is that we should obliterate any traces of our own stupidity. I am embarrassed at how embarrassed my decendants would be of me.

Maybe we should just agree to disagree ?