Emboldened by my deciphering results of yesterday (and inspired by this), I decided to create the first (AFAIK) palindromic JAPH. Though the algorithm isn't terribly obfuscated, I took a harder route by not including any comments in the code, because otherwise you could do something like
print "Just another Perl hacker,\n"; # ;"n/,rekcah lreP rehtona tsuJ" tnirp
So everything you see here is parseable by perl (although, as the saying goes, I'm not quite sure why it is).

Each line is character-reversed, with the exception of parentheses and braces (which are balanced), and the slash chars "/" and "\", which are exchanged for their counterparts, because it just looks better.

$_='=_$ JustsuJ anotherehtona PerlreP hacker,rekcah ;'; @ tilps=split ; ;shift@tilps;split@tfihs; ;split@pop;pop@tilps; ;s{^(.+)(.)(.)\2.+$}{$1$2$3}s||1for@tilps;split@rof1||s{3$2$1$}{$+.2/( +.)(.)(+.)^}s; print$_.$",for@tilps;print$/ ; \$tnirp;split@rof,"$._$tnir +p ;";