Random thought but...

Wouldn't it be interesting/fun if Perl Monks introduced "challenges" to reach higher levels of enlightenment?

We're all coders here but realistically one doesn't necessarily have to write even one line of code to become a scribe (coincidentally, I haven't written a line of code on Perl Monks, and I am a scribe =])

I think this should change. Perhaps after one becomes an acolyte, there should be progressively more difficult challenges introduced to be able to reach the next level of enlightenment. Perhaps a would-be scribe could be given 3-4 exercises from which to choose one, and submit their code to higher level monks in charge of "evaluating" whether or not the monk should reach a new level of enlightenment.

At the next level, perhaps there would be 5 exercises, and you would have to solve 3 of them, etc, etc.