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I've been using Class::DBI and decided to try Class::DBI::Loader.

Unfortunately I get an error even when I've reduced my code to a minimum, which is almost a duplicate of example the documentation:

package MyCompany::MyProduct::Database; use Class::DBI::Loader; my $loader = Class::DBI::Loader->new( dsn => "dbi:mysql:databasename", user => "username", password => "password", namespace => 'MyCompany::MyProduct::Database', relationships => 1); 1;
I am then using this module from a simple script which only tries to retrieve something from one of the tables.

This gives me the error 'Can't locate object method "set_db"' for the first table (alphabetically) in my database. It's obviously not inheriting correctly from Class::DBI somewhere along the line, but adding Class::DBI as a base does not solve the problem.

By adding Class::DBI to @ISA in Class::DBI::Loader::Generic's _load_classes routine I can force my way past the problem just long enough to get hung up on a call to set_up_table(). Clearly there are also other things the author wanted.

I don't see this problem listed in open bugs for Class::DBI::Loader and I find it difficult to imagine that I'd be the first one to find it. Therefore I hope perhaps someone can point me to what I'm doing wrong. I've read related nodes on the subject, such as this one, but that didn't seem to provide the answer.

I am using Perl 5.8.5, Class::DBI::Loader version 0.18, and Class::DBI version 0.96.

Thank you.