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Does anyone know of a good beginners tutorial on writing Perl one-liners? I constantly find myself looking at a problem that I know is trivial to solve, but I simply haven't written enough Perl (and no one-liners) to be able to take the problem from "theoretically trivial" to actually trivial.

For example, I have a directory of MS Worm (er, Word) files. I want to run them all through antiword to convert them to text. In English I'd say:

for each doc file, run antiword, redirecting output to a file with the same filename, but the txt extension.

And that's where I get stopped - I don't know enough about the syntax to turn my tiny problem into a tiny solution. So, any good tutorials around? There seems to be lots of reference to example programs, and lots of scripting tutorials, but not enough hand-holding for my sad self. Thanks.