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This seems first like a political/policy question, and secondarily a technological one.

installing Apache or IIS on PC's is banned outside the development env +ironment
What rationale exists for banning the use of these webservers that would permit the use of another? It sounds to me like the people who made this rule don't want webservers -- any webservers -- running outside of their control. While you would be following the letter of the law in using a smaller (in size and in public stature) server, I expect you'd be violating the spirit. I'd guess the prohibition is in place for security reasons and monitoring of traffic, and frankly these issues are going to be more pertinent using a roll-your-own or less proven product.

If this application really is something that people in your company want, then seek approval to use Apache on that local machine or on a server that the necessary clients can access. (Why does it need to be local anyway?) Trying to sneak it under the radar could come back to bite you.

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