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Some interesting situations could be created.

On a date, when you are asked what you do, how would you respond? Describing a developer job isn't hard, but when they ask you what your company does how do you respond? If you answered in a deceptive manner, would you later feel bad about it? Would you openly describe the company and see if the date ends rather quickly.

If you are married with or without kids, it could get more interesting. Would your wife / husband / kids lose respect for you because of your job?

In jobs of my past, the culture and attitudes of the company ended up affecting my own attitudes and personality, albeit sometimes in minor ways. Worrying at a porn company, I'd worry about the same thing happening, possibly in ways I couldn't anticipate.

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Re^2: Would you work at a porn company?
by Anonymous Monk on Feb 14, 2005 at 16:32 UTC
    If you work for a gun factory, do you tell your friends? Even if you keep its databases up and running? To friends that don't know anything about computers? If you keep the servers running for a tobacco company, what do you say to your kids when you don't want them to smoke? If you work for Microsoft, would you admit it? Would your wife lose respect? If you work for a pharmaceutical company, do you tell your date? Do you still tell your date after she told you her kid sister is handicapped because of some side-effects of some medication her mother took while pregnant of the sister? Do you tell if you work for the car industry? The oil industry? Venture capitalists? Do you tell that you worked for Enron? McDonalds? Amazon? SCO? A logging company? The CIA?

    If you shy away from working in the porn industry because of its tainted name, where else would you not work? And if that's a rather short list, wouldn't that be hypocrite? Did I write a sentence that wasn't a question?

      Did I write a sentence that wasn't a question?

      Do we really have to answer that?

Re^2: Would you work at a porn company?
by Anonymous Monk on Apr 13, 2011 at 23:20 UTC
    i don't mind