I have read different nodes talking about an area where people could post scripts for others to look at and trouble shoot. I have also read about people using PerlMonks on their resume's to show examples of their code. Personally I like to be able to show running code to prospective employers. I ran into a problem today. My personal account that I had at GVSU got shut off. This is where I once had running code and sample code to present to employers. I have been looking around for web hosting places and then I thaught what if perlmonks hosted? That would be really cool on a resume:

To view examples of the code I have written go to

I would rather pay The Everything Development Company ©/Perlmonks to host it. It could be something simple like creating user accounts on a (*nix) server for users that pay to put scripts on.

I would like to know what everyone thaught of this idea. I don't know if it would be too much. I know I ask alot from this site, but it's the only site I have at least one browser on all day. If Vroom and The Everything Development Company © decided that it would be too much work for them to keep up would a fellow monk like to host or support something like this?


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