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MAKEMAKER HAS TO DIE! Just because you say so doesn't make it necessarily so.

Actually it kinda does. <evil grin>

But regardless, of course the bugs have to be fixed, what do you think we have been doing? Part of what's held MB back is a lack of users and a lack of modules using it. And directly, not through a Makefile.PL compat layer. Now that CPANPLUS has Module::Build support its getting a lot more use and the bugs are getting shaken out. Of course, everybody sees this process and starts yelling in despair.

DON'T PANIC! There's lots of time before 5.10. Just keep hammering on MB and keep fixing the bugs. And for god's sake, keep USING IT! If nobody uses it the bugs won't get found and fixed.

MakeMaker mostly works on Win32, and works lots better than Module::Bu +ild

Except for that whole "don't have make" thing. And the "this module extended the Makefile using non-portable make code" thing. And lemme tell ya, its a royal pain in the ass to write make portably, especially for nmake. Yuck.

And I'm tearing out more redundant code which means I'm probably about to break stuff.

I can set up a special automated Win32 smoketest mailaccount for you, +but I won't join the MakeMaker mailing lists, as MakeMaker mostly wor +ks on Win32

That smoketest mail account would be useful, thank you. And yes, don't waste too much time on MakeMaker. Spend it on MB.

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