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Sorry to toss a three year old thread back up on top, but this was a really great read at 4:30 AM CST.

I am starting to give up on the banal practice of nicknames and am going back to the historically banal naming scheme and using my real name in my e-mail usernames. However, Diakoneo has some meaning to me.

I play an on-line WWII massive-multiplayer game. When I first started, I was slogging through the usual nicks trying to find a decent one, when I saw that 'Pippin' hadn't been taken. Tired of searching for more, I grabbed it. I worked my way up through the ranks (RAF Commander then BEF Theater Chief of Staff) but eventually an opportunity at my church ate up all my time. So I dropped out of the High Command entirely and decided I needed a clean break.

Thinking on my real life position, I came across the Greek word "Diakoneo", which (at least in Biblical New Testament terms) means 'One who serves'. It's never taken on any of the boards I frequent, so I'm going to hold onto it until I completely give in the the 'first initial/first name - full last name' method of signing in.

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