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I need for my Perl Script for Win32 to ftp to remote sites and download and upload various files - and while I can find some Net modules that I have grown to love in Unix, I can't find my dear Net::FTP! I assume it hasn't been ported yet - which is rather odd.

However, Net::Telnet has - and I was wondering if I could use some combinations of this and Unix scripting to run ftp from a Perl-simulated Telnet session. I'm kinda old-fashioned so I just use the old Unix 'ftp', and am not sure how I can make a script to handle automating that process since it's interactive (with a different prompt no less!) and not a batch process. This causes problems with FTP and my limited knowledge of scripting. Remember - Net::Telnet works by the timeout parameter and the shell character parameter - and these could both mess up FTP due to the fact that the Unix 'ftp' shell has it's own shell character and long file transfers would timeout.

Please help me! This is for a vital project of mine, and I know Perl masters out there must have encountered this before.

Harry Halpin