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After finding no help via google, I figured I'd ask two perl Emacs questions here, even tho they're more about E than P, as I figure some monk may have solved them already. I don't yet know lisp, that's the root issue here. Sorry for the OT post, and thanks for any ideas --


  1. InfiniteLoop posted a snippet (check syntax of perl code and pod in emacs) which binds a perl syntax check into Emacs save.
    Asking again: could an elisp-proficient person suggest how I might change InfiniteLoop's fine tweak so that the perlsyn buffer only comes up where there is an error (rather than if everything is OK) on a save?
  2. Could an elisp-proficient person suggest how I might bind 'perltidy' to some key, such that control-whatever would tidy the current buffer?
many many many thanks