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Documentation comes in two flavors - developer docs and user docs. For library-type code, like CGI or DBI, they may be more similar than, say, for Template or Mason.

User docs are the easy one, conceptually. You need to do something similar to Microsoft's helpfiles. Whatever you may feel about their products or practices, they are really good in their docs, for the average user.

Developer docs are more specific. I would want to know the following:

These are all the same questions you would ask if you were handed 1200 lines of code and told "Make XYZ changes to it".

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Re^2: Preferred method of documentation?
by knowmad (Monk) on Oct 08, 2004 at 13:29 UTC

    Nice post dragonchild. For large applications that need this kind of documentation, I've found the ReadySET templates to be quite helpful. The project provides html templates for all of the questions you ask and more.