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Tree::DAG_Node may look like overshooting, but it does what it promises, i.e. a simple way of dealing with complex tree structures. I share your chagrin about lack of tests, but having seen that knowledgeable people like merlyn and perrin use it, I feel confident that it must not be as bad as you may think.

A simple example that makes me love this module:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use Tree::DAG_Node; my $tree = [ [ 'Node1' ], [ [ 'GrandChild1' ], [ 'GrandChild2' ], 'Node2' ], 'Root' ]; my $dagnode= Tree::DAG_Node->lol_to_tree($tree); print map {"$_\n"} @{ $dagnode->draw_ascii_tree }; __END__ And the output is: | <Root> /-----------------\ | | <Node1> <Node2> /-------------\ | | <GrandChild1> <GrandChild2>

There is also a nice Introduction to Tree::DAG_Node in Tutorials.