in reply to Abigail-II and some thoughts

When I came across the topic of Abigail's leaving the first time, I checked something that perhaps escaped some others. Approx. 45 replies in 3 days, before pulling the rip-cord in a hail of not-very-deserved flak.

So I was not terribly surprised, though regretful, that Abigail-II had again posted ~40 replies in the last 3 days.

I guess that I'd like to ask Abigail-N to consider that missionary work to the heathen (shenme say ook!) requires that you keep some emotional and energy reserves. While indeed the depth of your understanding may exceed most sets of 10 (20?) of the rest of us, your physical capabilities do not.

Next time (and I do hope there'll be a sequel - Abigail Resurrection) take some time between postings, for both yourself and for the thicker of us to "get it".

Oh, and that goes for the rest of us, too.

P.S. pg, it is called "burn out". A person can try _too_ hard to be helpful, actually succeeding in helping a great number of people, but at great expense to themselves. I'm _very_ surprised you didn't pick up on this, having said you went back and read the past threads. Perhaps you have been blessed in each of your work environments. I think we must hope you continue to be.