I'm not the one to recognize good ideas, especially if they arize from my dusty brain, where they hang when I see something and then I feel like it's worth to "reuse that somewhere" so I leave it to you all. :-)
Yesterday it happened to me that ybiC was "/tell"-ing me in the Chatterbox, that he thought he had an answer to one of my questions, regarding time depending access which can be realized with mod_perl on apache.
Well, that wasn't my question, but I'm thankfull for that tip as well.
So I thought if we could have a section with tons of that little tricks and tips that make life easier. That could be displayed as the nice comments above the search entry field, just somewhere on the page. And if you'd like you could disable the display of a randomly chosen one out of these in your personal settings.
Mmh, ok, on the other hand you might add this suggestion as well to the list of "How to stress load a DB application" {grin}
Have a nice day

All decision is left to your taste