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I hear that... so myself and a couple friends are at the bar for Tuesday night bar night. A certain guy exchanges some chit chat with us and basically tries to impress us with how much he's making a year etc... then he reminds us not to get married... he's apparently going through a messy divorce yada... yada... basically this guy is looking for a challenge but wants to prove he's superior to us in some way to validate his own existence. The situation escalates and he asks pschoonveld if he wants to take this outside. Obviously we aren't fond of partaking in fights for no apparent reason so he tries to calm the situation. We pick up and leave. Our newly made friend asks me if we want him to follow us out back. I say he's fine right where he is. We go outside to our cars... eventually this guy comes out. Apologizes for being an asshole, and thanks us for being so calm-headed... however he turns the situation around by saying that even though there are 5 of us he isn't the guy to mess with. He's being apologetic but trying to turn it into a confrontation at the same time. We basically try to keep the situation as calm as possible.

The point being a gun gives you range and a knife increases your deadliness. However if a situation like this transpires the only time you can use a gun in so called self-defense is when he's near by... same with a knife but if there's a struggle those could end up in anyone's hands... ah Catch-22's... Note to self... look at upgrading that yellow-belt in Karate... although legally having that does make me an "expert" legally when it comes to fighting and makes me increasingly liable to be sued should I mess someone up without just cause.

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