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I didn't refuse to learn from anyone. I answered the first person who gave the example of a possible problem. That's when I mentioned parentheses. As ysth just told you, the ambiguity argument is garbage. I didn't think it was necessary to point out that parentheses are used in a similar manner for lots of operators and functions and they shouldn't be considered a required part of the |...| function, and their use isn't indicative of a bad function or operator.

Compare that with you, who ignored the person who gave the example of a possible problem when he said that a different grammar could be a solution. You also ignored it when I told you he admitted that, and you ignored it when I told you who had posted a grammar that would solve the problem.

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt about you not reading an additional reply of mine, which mentioned these same things, because I didn't reply to your post. Your idiocy seemed pretty much self-refuting.

Just remembered, Aristotle called me an idiot once too, when he thought I wasn't making sense. Turned out he didn't know the meaning of a word I used. Several days later, he said in CB the HE has difficulty explaining himself. I wonder what that makes him.