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You should maybe look into URI::Heuristic for completing your links. Something like this:
#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use URI::Heuristic qw(uf_uristr); my $url = uf_uristr(""); print "<a href=$url>$url</a>\n";
If the user input is or it will give you the proper URI. In this case with html code:
<a href=></a>
using as input.
It also does ftp and others.'s a bit off what you really asked for but i just noted this module at CPAN and liked it ;o)

#!/usr/bin/perl use URI::Heuristic qw(uf_uristr); use strict; my $url; my $input = "<a href =>perlmonks</a>"; #my $input = ""; if ($input =~ /^</) { $input =~ /<a\s+href\s*=\s*(.*)>.*<\/a>/i; $url = uf_uristr("$1"); } else { $url = uf_uristr("$input"); } print "<a href=$url>$url</a>";
This works just fine, also with resolving the url to an uri. You may also drag out the text by enclosing the last .* and drag out the value of $2.
The regex should work on it's own without using the module also, me thinks.