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The only guidelines here are social ones, either one conforms, work with/like the majority, or one might was well leave. Theres never been much sense in joining a community and trying to force it to conform to your ways, if you're in a minority. It just won't work.

And note that the above doesn't mean that one person can't effect social change. It's just that one person can't force social change. People in general don't like change, so you have to lead by example, make strong arguments, and when all else fails, just follow the path yourself and don't worry about the rest.

You can only advise others. They will do what they want no matter what anyway, so if you want people to follow your thinking, spend your time studying what makes people listen.

Listening is hard, but if you can get people to do it, you're more than halfway there. Other than that, it's all about persistence.

Anyway, back to the original topic: Given that there is a way for me to see what users I have ignored, is there a way to see which users have ignored me? I mean, it would be nice to know, just so I can save myself the typing. :-) I don't think it should be a pop-up (especially since I have those blocked), but a node analogous ignored users would be fabulous.