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zzSPECTREz, I know where you are coming from. Since the days of my CP/M based machine (MicroBee, anyone else have one) Through C64 & PCs I have tried programming on and off.
I learned bits of code here there and everywhere, but never did much serious coding till discovering Perl. When I started to do more I have found it easy to learn syntax, etc. But that underlying knowledge of how to start and proceed is tricky.

I have will be buying "Complete Code" now seeing as so many people suggested it.

One other person suggested Extreme Programming (The "good" XP), I have found it both confusing and usefull. XP is all about the concepts of coding and has helped me get more comfortable with design.

I also find that a large sheet of paper and a pen help immensely. When I have something to design/code. I tend to get a few large sheets of paper out and try to write/draw/scribble down what needs to happen. I also tend to start building a list of variables/constants/data. When I have a good idea of what needs to happen and the data in play the design tends to come easier. I have found Object oreinted coding tricky to get my head round at first but makes life much easier when you get a grip on it. So definitely read the tutorials here and elsewhere. is the BEST resource I have found. The posts and the community responses (on the whole) to stupid questions is great!

Complete Code - sounds like the "Bible"
XP - great concepts for managing the process
PerlMonks - everything else?


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