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I don't have any feedback on that book, but this is my advice:

I taught myself over a reasonable amount of time by collecting the O'reilly library. Those books get addicting, so watch out. The two best (I'm sure many will agree) are Programming Perl (the Camel) and the Perl Cookbook (the ram). Personally, I think O'reilly writes publishes the best books, but that's just me. Since you are a CS student, those two books should be sufficient to get you well on your way. Beyond that, read davido's post closely. The tutorials on this site are fantastic. Good luck & have fun!

BTW: I get my books from closeout book stores/web sites, so they are very inexpensive.

update: I meant O'reilly PUBLISHES (not writes) the best books, thanks for the catch davorg . And how could I forget -- you need to get Perl Template Toolkit! ;)