I thought of this scenario the the other day while reading Perl?. Suppose you've made a bonehead post recently. You show up in worst nodes of the day with a -1 or so. Even worse, you show up a couple of times. Embarassing right? So what you do is troll as anonymous monk. Post a really bad/dense/ inflammatory post. That won't raise the rep on your bad post, but it might just be enough to knock you out of the 'worst nodes' list. It might also help you avoid collateral damage from those who scan the 'worst nodes' section and bandwagon on the downvotes. It will definitely siphon off votes that might have been used to -- you.

That's only speculation (and a cynical one at that) on my part, but....

Does this really happen? If it it a big deal? If it is, is there any way to prevent it?
Either might be something to be watch for when voting.

Note: I personally tend to stay away from 'worst nodes'. I mean, if I want to see bad code and stupid comments, I could just stay in my home node all the time. ;)

~monk d4vis