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Rock solid code! I've run this client for several hours now without a single issue. The chat textbox has a huge scrollback buffer - which I was missing in Katterbox.

Unless you are on a M$ platform you may need to locate the two Win32 ref's and comment them out (like I did.) This will break browser launching until platform independant patches become available.

Excellent work jdporter! ++

I suggest the following improvements:

  1. Provide an indicator for login status (perhaps in the title bar?)
  2. Do not use the color red for "active" status but green instead. I thought the login had failed when the status became red.
  3. Add a scroll bar to the text dialogue history.
  4. Add an option to remove the timestamp.
  5. Fontcontrol would be nice.
  6. Give yourself some credit! Add an About menu.

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